Thursday, November 27, 2008

Template 168 - LOL!!

Better late then never! I couldn't post this because of it's size (dial up) and then it got shoved to the side. I'm still a dial-upper but have found ways to get some things online. I noticed when posting that there's not a png set with this. Maybe Tammy will add it later, but the Adobe and Gimp layered files are there. It's a template I got stuck on because when I scraplifted my own layout it didn't look right as a template. So it's a back paper and a floral doodled layer. The floral is a colored gradient. I think adding glitter, or using layer modes to overlay or color burn this to a full sized photo would be cool. Most layer modes will show the gradient, even though it is subtle.

Here's your Filefront download link for 168.

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belle said...

Thanks so much for the great template.