Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Template 180

Download Template 180 From Filefront

Alternate 4Shared link added by bunchie

PNG files at 4shared added by bunchie

*** NOTICE ***
Digi-free hasn't been picking up posts made over at the Freebie Vault because I had to switch file hosters. I have been posting freebies there quite frequently, so be sure to click on the October and September archive links to find anything you may have missed. Because these latest posts have 4shared links, it's been picked up by Digi-free. Still wouldn't hurt to check the archives here too.

For those that have been looking for PNG's, Bunchie has so graciously extracted them, uploaded them to 4shared and then edited posts to reflect the new link. Be sure to check out your favorite template if there has been one that didn't have them and you needed them.


belle said...

Thanks so much for templates 180 and 179. So many possibilities!

Mara said...

thank you for both templates, I like them very much!

Anonymous said...

Great template!! Thank you so much!! BettyJoR