Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sneaker Peeker

Here are the previews of templates 194 thru 208. These have been scraplifted from my layouts and some layouts I copied from the net way back in February 2006. I was going to include these but some of them I am opting not to even though I've blurred out the faces and names. A finished example won't always be available.

Starting tomorrow there will be two posts per day until who knows when. Png's are included in all of these files and since most are 10 megs and under I think I'll do fine getting them up for you. A few I'll split to make them smaller. If Tammy has time, she may come back around and post 4shared links for those that don't like the Filefront downloads, although I've had a few glad I have a choice. 4shared is so fickle sometimes, I know.

Clicking on the pic gets you a 600 by 1000 pixel preview unless blogger messed that up on me.

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