Friday, October 31, 2008

Templates 200 & 201

This looks like a very busy template, and in some ways it is, however you should take a good look at the example I added to the file and you'll understand that this is a very cool layered page. Monochromatic parts will make it look more tailored.

Sweet huh? There's is a finished element included, the edging of the ribbon shown is a purple glitter. The green ribbon is on a separate layer. The head and body are two parts as well (for accurate drop shadowing). The beak and feet are on a single layer. You can always take some pink and add circles for a blushing little chicky.

I know it's Halloween today, but I simply couldn't resist doing this template now and it was coincidence it landed on today's posting. Being chicken is something that many might be today at some haunted houses, so maybe it works? If you're like me, you're still scrapping photos of last year's snow.

Download Template 200 From Filefront
Download Template 201 From Filefront
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4Shared link added by bunchie for template 201

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Templates 198 & 199

Another template with more than one option. This one actually has several. The parts are in quarters, halves and a whole. My intention was to use the whole as a record to tell the story of my nephew holding up a 45 and ask me "how do you play these CD's?" Hilarious. Designers can snag this and scale it down to use for a CD label, using the corners for credit, paper preview, alpha preview and element preview. Same with the DVD collections. If you needed more parts, I'm sure you could cut the quarters in half to get 8 spots.

I think this one looks good even if you scoot the ovals off the right edge, showing more of your photo. The pink is a different layer and can be deleted if you don't want the edging or wanted to add more or less ovals. Plus, I oversized them. You can always reduce them down. The inspiration for this was altered so no copyright was infringed since it was included in the folder.

Download Template 198 From Filefront
Download Template 199 From Filefront
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Templates 196 & 197

There's only 3 borders with this but since I set the opacity of the layers to 65 it looks like there are more. Be sure to play with those to get the look you want. You'll love the inspiration layout included. The file has all of the usual files, including the png's.

A very basic layout with an adorable inspirational finished product included. Hint: a baby page. The dots were used for journaling. So sweet. An idea is to put a trick or treat photo in the center and have each circle something simple about Halloween. Or a family photo with photos of each individual in the circles.

Download Template 196 From Filefront
Download Template 197 From Filefront
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Templates 194 & 195

The black layer of this template is a foreground color with the white being a background. So it acts more like a mask. The layout I lifted this from is included in the file along with a 3600 jpg file, psd, xcf and pngs. You can color burn photos onto your foreground paper for neat effects, possibly black and white photos with color ones in the openings.

This also is like the one above, with the leaves erased from the black foreground. If you use your wand tool you can copy the shape and add leaf elements to your page. I should have added one for you but didn't think of it until now. (Select the inside of the leaf, click on a new layer and bucket fill a pattern. Second option is to open a new layer with your choice for leaf paper, select the inside of the leaf, select the paper layer, invert selection, edit, cut. Now you can use your move tool to move your leaf into position.)

This download contains 3600 jpg, psd, xcf and pngs. There wasn't a scraplift with this one. It fell out of my brain, purely accidental. If you'd like to scraplift this template yourself with different shapes, just use a nice shape brush and your eraser tool. Because I'm a gimper, I used the guides to keep my shapes aligned.

Scraptip: Color in your leaves with a background paper, but "rip" the paper in between the brackets where you can insert a photo.

Download Template 194 From Filefront
Download Template 195 From Filefront
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Sneaker Peeker

Here are the previews of templates 194 thru 208. These have been scraplifted from my layouts and some layouts I copied from the net way back in February 2006. I was going to include these but some of them I am opting not to even though I've blurred out the faces and names. A finished example won't always be available.

Starting tomorrow there will be two posts per day until who knows when. Png's are included in all of these files and since most are 10 megs and under I think I'll do fine getting them up for you. A few I'll split to make them smaller. If Tammy has time, she may come back around and post 4shared links for those that don't like the Filefront downloads, although I've had a few glad I have a choice. 4shared is so fickle sometimes, I know.

Clicking on the pic gets you a 600 by 1000 pixel preview unless blogger messed that up on me.

Template 193

freebie 4shared digifree
Filefront Download For 193

4shared link for png files, and alternate PSD-XCF templates 4shared files added by bunchie.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Template 192 - Has PNG's

freebie 4shared digifree
You could almost merge all of the layers together and use this as a white and black page. I have added a scrap tip to this file. By duplicating the layers and using different papers and the rotate/flip tools you can go wild layering these flowers. I didn't add any leaves, however I think it'll be a nice touch.

You can always substitute "real" flowers in the place of the dingbats.

Or buttons.

Or trucks and cars. Hearts. Candies. Pumpkins.

I think this would make a sweet frame for a calendar page too. Tuck a calendar right in the center.

Or how about one of those Nine Hole Frames I just uploaded this month? You can always snag the blocks from 171, or the circles (scaled down) from 160.

Filefront Download For 192
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Template 190 - Has PNG's

freebie 4shared digifree
PNG's are included in this file.

This template has two options on how you arrange the rings, above or below the photo block. How you decorate the rings will also change the effect. The preview does it no justice. This also looks great layering flowers under the pink and the black.

Filefront Download Link For 190
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Template 188

Download Template 188 From Filefront

4Shared XCF/PSD link added by bunchie - PNG files here

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Template 184

Add a photo to each letter.

This template easily converts to an 8.5 x 11" layout.

Download Template 184 From Filefront

Alternate 4Shared link added by bunchie

PNG files at 4shared here

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Template 182

Download Template 182 From Filefront

Alternate 4Shared link

PNG files here added by bunchie

If you haven't been over to the Freebie Vault in a while, there's a bunch of new goodies including quick pages, cupcakes, photo frames and vintage bicycles. I'm not sure what the status is for having Digi-free pick my other blog back up, so I'm sending you there from here.

PNG Files for Templates Updated Added by bunchie

Template 150
Template 151
Template 152
Template 153
Template 154
Template 155
Template 156
Template 157
Template 158
Template 159

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Template 152 Making Braids - UPLOADED

Download Template 152 From Filefront
(PSD only in this download, due to file size)PNG file added by bunchie here

This template is a little different, as it's more of a tutorial with a layered file provided, yet the preview gives you and idea on how you can use the braid and arrange it on your page.

TIP: Instead of filling the parts of the braid with papers, why not use journal tags and write some things on them? Also, you can shrink the template and make a braid that's much thinner.

Using this template without the download:

Create a block 900 x 300 pixels, or crop your papers as such. For this example I used 3 color choices, which is a classic braid, although you can use more.

Arrange your pieces so they have an offset of 300 pixels each - use guides if you have to.

When you get a set of colors, merge those layers together and use this as your main piece. Copy this section as needed.

You'll need to flip or rotate your piece to create the other section.

Keep working putting pieces together until they are in a long string.

NOTE: In order for this to fit a 3600 pixel page, if your braid is going diagonal at this point, you will need to work on a larger canvas or use your move tool and make it longer. Once you rotate it to be horizontal or vertical, it might not be large enough on the top or bottom, showing missing parts.

A lot of this is about playing and experimenting to get it the way you want it.

Do not add any journaling until the braid is in place - you might lose some text when you locate a home for it.

Template 181

Download Template 181 From Filefront

Alternate 4Shared link

PNG files here added by bunchie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Templates 168 & 152 and Gimp

These are not missing, in case you were counting. They were too large for me to upload on this cave man internet connection. I'm going to attempt to upload them today, however I cut some parts out... mainly the Gimp file. Gimpers - I used Gimp to create the PSD file on 2.2 so you should be able to use that file for your templates. Most of you are probably using the newer version anyway (I prefer 2.2 over 2.4, but that's me). And on 152, where it's braided, I cut out the nice papers I used for the example and tried something simpler.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up as to why those are not listed anywhere. Cross your fingers I have some luck with my data recovery in the next couple of days. My templates 1 thru 70 something or other are stuck on the broken external. I'm SOOOO careful with my new one. No more 'external airplanes' flying off dressers.

More of Bunchie's PNG Updates

Template 160 PNG's

Template 160b PNG's

Template 161 PNG's

Template 162 PNG's

Template 163 PNG's

Template 164 PNG's

Template 165 PNG's

Template 166 PNG's

Template 167 PNG's

Template 169 PNG's

Template 170 PNG's

Template 171 PNG's

Template 180

Download Template 180 From Filefront

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*** NOTICE ***
Digi-free hasn't been picking up posts made over at the Freebie Vault because I had to switch file hosters. I have been posting freebies there quite frequently, so be sure to click on the October and September archive links to find anything you may have missed. Because these latest posts have 4shared links, it's been picked up by Digi-free. Still wouldn't hurt to check the archives here too.

For those that have been looking for PNG's, Bunchie has so graciously extracted them, uploaded them to 4shared and then edited posts to reflect the new link. Be sure to check out your favorite template if there has been one that didn't have them and you needed them.

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Updated Links for some templates!

I have the priviledge to let you know the updated 4shared links for the templates. I will be adding png files too so keep looking back here. This is going to be a long post today but hopefully I will be able to keep them short in the future for you. Each template name is the same except it is at a 4shared address now. Enjoy, because I love these! Until next time---Tammy aka bunchie
template 100
template 101
template 102
template 102 QP
template 103
template 104
template 105
Template 105 PSD file
template 106
template 107
template 108
template 109
template 110
template 111
template 112
template 113
template 114
template 115
template 116
template 117
template 118
template 119
template 120
template 121
template 122
template 123
template 124
template 125
template 126
template 127
template 128
template 129
template 130
template 131
template 132
template 133
template 134
template 135
template 136
template 137
template 138
template 139
template 140
template 141
template 142
template 143
template 144
template 145
template 146
template 147
template 148
template 149
template 150
template 151
template 153
template 154
template 155
template 156
template 157
template 158
template 159
template 160
template 160B
template 161
template 162
template 163
template 164
template 165
template 166
template 167
template 169

Template 102
Template 105

Template 114
Template 115

XCF Files
Template 102

Template 170

Download Template 170 From Filefront

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Bad Links Update

I added Bunchie (Tammy) as an admin to this blog so now she can help me with these posts. She's been working hard today creating secondary links to all of the templates as well as eventually getting png's up. How she posts is up to her, but looking like a single long post of links, which is fine since they'll be in numerical order. Hang in there and while you are waiting, head over to her blog and grab some goodies. Her archives are packed with great mini's and quick pages. Her link is in my sidebar both here and at the Freebie Vault so you'll never lose it.

Template 169

Template 168 was way too large for me to upload. It had a custom overlay. So I'm moving on to the next one...

This template reminds me of being on stage, like for a spelling bee or lip sync contest.

Download Template 169 From Filefront
4shared link added by bunchie

Can't get your download?

Are you having issues getting some of these files to work?

Don't worry. You'll get them in time. I know some of you are having issues with Filesavr - it's a browser issue. Sometimes it's an out of date version or a plug-in assiciated with your browser that's conflicting with the site.

I am going to add another download link to these files as well as getting the png's up. Check back now and then and see if the post has another link. 4shared can't give me an answer as to why I can't get my uploads to show since I have been on dial-up.

Another option that I do is to open the page in Firefox. If Firefox doesn't open something I switch back to IE. You can run both browsers on one computer and run both at the same time.

I'm working on getting templates 168-200 created, uploaded and posts scheduled and then will go back to working on getting the Filesavr links on Filefront too.

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Template 166

This template looks good even without the circle in the background. This was lifted from one of my Digitreats layouts I did. Can you believe she's on U already? Seems like forever since she started yet it seems to also zip from one letter to the next. The chocolate on my brain has messed with my sense of time and space (wow, so need to add that to the chocolate word art I'm doing, I'm such a nerd, rof).

Download Template 166 From Filefront
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