Monday, September 29, 2008

Template 162

Some have said they are having issues with Filesavr. I had 3 others test the links and all said they either got them on the first try or had to come back and got them then. I guess Filesavr might be a bit finicky.

I have tossed these next templates at Filefront. When I get my DSL back I'll move them to 4shared. Be patient if you didn't get to download them yet. If you are a regular, you know I don't delete 99% of my stuff. Oh, and when I have high speed again, I can resume reissuing the kits with dead links.

Now off to your template...

Read the layer titles for ideas on what to use your shapes for. You can use the buttons for photos instead of tags if you wish.

Sorry there hasn't been any png files lately. When I can upload larger files I will fix that too.

Download Template 162 From Filefront

(click continue at splash screen if given)
4Shared link added by bunchie


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fabulous templates and all the great tips on using them!

lwlittlebit said...

Thanks for the template! I had
no trouble downloading at all.