Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Template 165

I could not believe I didn't have any good leaf brushes to make this so I used a flower dingbat and totally hacked the thing to bits to make it look right. That's just a heads up to watch if you move your flowers around. It was late and I had this layout of mine that I had to make a template from, you know how it is when you don't want to put something down. Leaf brushes are on my to do list now.

The dots are actual dots, not holes.

I love how the photo block is so long and narrow. Don't be afraid to cut a portion of your person off. It creates a different look to it. Not having the whole face creates mystery and a wow factor.

Download Template 165 From Filefront
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Template 164

This template comes with solid blocks as well as the button holed ones as an option to change this template from a fun theme to a more classic and clean look. Any time you have a hole in a template you don't want, simply use your color dropper to sample the color and then a brush larger than the hole and fill it in before you clip to your image or paper.

Download Template 164 From Filefront
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Template 163

The yellow and orange of the candy corn are separate in this template so you can use the candy corn as a frame. I tried leaving this one simple since Halloween photos always seem so busy.

Download Template 163 From Filefront
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Template 162

Some have said they are having issues with Filesavr. I had 3 others test the links and all said they either got them on the first try or had to come back and got them then. I guess Filesavr might be a bit finicky.

I have tossed these next templates at Filefront. When I get my DSL back I'll move them to 4shared. Be patient if you didn't get to download them yet. If you are a regular, you know I don't delete 99% of my stuff. Oh, and when I have high speed again, I can resume reissuing the kits with dead links.

Now off to your template...

Read the layer titles for ideas on what to use your shapes for. You can use the buttons for photos instead of tags if you wish.

Sorry there hasn't been any png files lately. When I can upload larger files I will fix that too.

Download Template 162 From Filefront

(click continue at splash screen if given)
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Template 161

Download Template 161 From Filesavr

This is so cute. I am loving it myself and can't wait to find a use for it.

Okay, so your layers are simple:

Small green flowers (saru's flowers dingbat font)
Rectangular photo block
Tiny squares of photos, pics or both
Border scalloped on both sides
More saru's flowers dingbats in dark green and light green
Floral border, doubled
More flowers behind the border
Background paper

Saru's flower dingbat font is free on the internet. I made several flower brushes from the font and you may notice I use them a lot.
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Template 160

The second template looks soooooo good with the Cocoa and Cream kit!

Experiment with heavy drop shadows making these look like you used those big fat sticky squares that make the paper stick up away from the background paper. The look is fabulous. I lost the original layout I made that was the inspiration for this template and it's not in my Raks gallery. Despite my losses, I've been very lucky with what I haven't lost as well as grateful.

Download Template 160 From Filesavr
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Download Template 160-B From Filesavr
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Template 159 UPLOADED

Download Template 159 From Filesavr
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This is a pretty simple page to replicate without the template.

Layers are squares and a couple circles.

Save one block for short spurt of journaling and another for big text.

Try rotating a square here and there.

The pinwheel was in another uploaded template of mine.

TIP: Use the blocks for stickers of trucks, flowers, teddy bears, etc... and only place one or two photos in the layout. This is great for those busy patterns you like but somehow can't use, have them use up a block or two.

Template 158 UPLOADED

Download Template 158 From Filesavr

4Shared link added by bunchie PNG files here
The layers are:

Flourished photo block (found in kits and previous templates)
Blue floral scallop ribbon (just created last night)
Pink scallop ribbon
Top scallop border
Dark blue scallop ribbon
Dark blue background
Light blue circle
Pink background

Template 157 UPLOADED

Download Template 157 From Filesavr

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Template 156 UPLOADED

I know it's not Valentines yet, but Sweetest Day is coming up in about 3 weeks. Some of these hears were made with the ap_justhearts font. I think my scallop frame can be snagged from another template I've uploaded. I know Kim B has tons of stamp frames she's given away, as well as many other gals, I'm sure you already have something perfect for this page. You can start this page, save it in layers and wait for Sweetest Day photos and tuck them right in!

Download Template 156 From Filesavr
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Template 155 UPLOADED

I created this by using a dingbat font that I turned into brushes. I lost the font with the hard drive failure. I believe it would be tagged retro in case you wanted to find it. The components are background paper, rectangular paper, square paper, tag frame, matching smaller tag and two strings.

Download Template 155 From Filesavr
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Template 154 - UPLOADED


Your layers are from bottom to top:
Background Paper
4 Long Strips of Paper
4 Smaller Long Strips of Paper
4 Photo Blocks

TIPS: Tilt some of your photo blocks. Add crazy journaling to each tag strip. Use this template for a 4 season view of your house. Your son in football, basketball, track and hockey? One strip for each sport. Have 4 children? One for each. Four things about you. You can always change it up and have your photos round or use 3 blocks instead of 4. You can "trash it up" by making it look like it was a paper project and rip and tape up one of the tags.

12x12 TIP: Create a block in each corner. Put a smaller block on each larger one. Follow up with a small block photo centered towards the top for each subject block. Embellish, flatten and enjoy. You can always do any rectangular layout and then center it on a 12x12 canvas and finish off by embellishing the borders with ribbons or stitching if you wish. You can tuck additional photos above and behind the rectangular layout on the 12 inch canvas, especially if the smaller layout has a single subject.

HYBRID TIP: You can put all of the photos on the top and bend the card just below it showing additional info on the larger strip beneath it. Or the smaller strip can slide up to reveal below.

Download Template 154 From Filesavr
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Template 153 UPLOADED

This crazy page is pretty versatile. You can rotate the photo in the center and use one that is landscape instead of portrait. You can change it so the circle is a square and the photo is a circle. The template only reflects the preview, however.

TIPS: Use sprigs of flowers coming out from under the circle and add a couple more on top of the circle, overlapping the photo. A background paper that has a large pattern or like the Digitreats alpha papers would look fabulous, having the other pieces with more subtle textures and a close up photo or a group photo with very little distraction. Or you can have your background very simple and leave it white or use my very white-looking tan pages from my Cocoa And Cream Kit. This will create a great clean compostition. You can even stack and merge your cluster then move it off center.

Download Template 153 From Filesavr
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Thanks for the suggestion gals!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Template 151 With QP and Mini-Kit

I have done it again, I let another template take over, this time I just couldn't resist! What do you think?

To download just the template with jpg, png, xcf and psd files, use this link:

Template 151

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The mini-kit allows you to customize more freely or used in conjunction with the template, you can use parts of the mini and your items to create something fabulous. This download link is just the mini-kit parts consisting of five files:

Template 151 Mini-Kit

This one is just the quick page:

Template 151 Quick Page

Here's my layout using the quick page.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Template 150

Template 150

PNG files added by bunchie

Template 149

Template 149

Can you say 'Brady Bunch'??

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Template 148

Template 148

No pngs with this template. All squares or lines.

Template 147

Template 147

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Template 146

Template 146

Template 145

Template 145

This one doesn't have pngs because it's just squares.

Ideas: Add your curled photos, color in some of the blocks with patterned papers, use a block for journaling or have all black and white face shots and one large one in color.

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Template 139

Template 139

Here's my layout with it:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Template 138

A standard frame template was included in case you want to create your own frames. You can always choose to use any frames you have in your collection or mix and match frames that are different from each other.

I have been working on a bunch of these as templates, quick pages and printables. I have charts of all kinds. I spent all my free time on genealogy until I bought a computer. I am compiling them on a CD to raise money for both myself and for my local genealogical society. I will be offering them as downloads for those interested in downloading. When they are ready, info will be posted on my scrapkit blog, Freebie Vault. It's about 2 weeks off (in time for a local historical program I'm attending).

Template 138

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