Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fixing Jagged Edges

I was sent an email asking about the jagged edges she was getting from templates (not just mine) and how to fix them. She mentioned that they look like the ones in my header from when I rotated the cat layout. I get them from time to time too and below is how I fix probably 90% of them:

Say you just cut a paper from a circle template. Your paper is the upper layer and the circle is below it. Select the circle and shrink your selection just by enough pixels to pass the jagged part (usually about 5-20, your preference). Now select invert so you are grabbing the outside edge, then blur two or three times with the standard blur filter. Gaussian blur is okay but leaves a dark shadow, which is fine for some layouts.

A lot about this technique is about what you like and a lot of experimenting.

Hope that helps. If any of you have some tricks for this post it here to the comments. Thanks!

Busy day, have to work and won't be home until midnight. Maybe I'll take my laptop to work and finish more templates during lunch (since I just sit there for a half hour doing nothing anyway). Temp 111 is done except for the layout I'm doing with it.

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